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California Redskins Comeback to Win 1983 Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl has long been the biggest game in the nfl, As it attracts the best team from the NFC and the best team from the AFC to pick which team is the best team in the league. The game has become the biggest event in the United States as enourmous amount of people tune in to see which team will come out on top 2017 nfl draft gear.

The game in 1983 was from the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins. The game was played face-to-face with an enormous crowd of more then 100 thousand viewers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Cali, This was a relatively large crowd as the Rose Bowl was able to hold 20 thousand more people than the prior stadium in Michigan, Where there were only 80 thousand people at the game.

The Dolphins were the team that started things out the right was as the was able to score on a very long pass play. Woodley found Cefalo for the 76 yard score just 7 minutes into the online game. This huge play gave the Dolphins an early lead amongst players, Conclusion the quarter ahead by a score of 7 0.

The wa Redskins managed to score early in the 2nd quarter as they kicked in a field goal 21 seconds into the contest. This stick them down 4 points.

The Dolphins responded with a field goal that belongs to them and the game continued on in favor of the Dolphins. The Redskins did manage to score their first touchdown about 2 minutes left in the half. Joe Theismann found Garrett for a 4 yard landing and the tea tied up the game. It appeared to be the game would be tied going into the half as there were less than 2 minutes remaining in the game.

The Dolphins just weren’t done in the half, For the. Walker received the kick and managed to weave your kickoff coverage to score a touchdown, Keeping the Dolphins in front of the game. The Dolphins would make the purchase anyway by 7 points as they entered the half. World of warcraft score of the table action was 17 10.

The Redskins were not ready to bow down to the Dolphins and they carried on to fight. Although Redskins continued to fight tj watt jersey, The Dolphins stopped fighting altogether. After reviewing 17 points in the first half, The Skins were dominant defensively and the Dolphins were not able to score another point in the game.

The Redskins managed to score a field goal and also scored two touchdowns in the 4th quarter to turn a close game into a 10 point victory to opt for the Redskins. The MVP of the action was John Riggins as he rushed for 166 yards on 38 carries Theismann had a competent game, Leading his team with 2 landing passes, But he also threw 2 interceptions through the game.

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